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Behaviours: Scriptrunner and Insight for JIRA

Shawn Danisa May 8, 2018

I am doing field behaviors using scriptRunner and hit some sort of challenging problem.

The requirement is that when the user selected "VSC" from the drop down(insight object single select field), then other fields show appear.  But for some reason they don't show VSC is selected.  Please assist.

Below is the code:

def businessUnit = getFieldById("customfield_10622")

def selection = businessUnit.getValue()

def application = getFieldById("customfield_11001")
def serviceAffected = getFieldById("customfield_11002")
def applicationVersion = getFieldById("customfield_11008")
def customer = getFieldById("customfield_11007")

if(selection == "VSC")

application.setHidden(false) //show the fields
application.setRequired(true) //set the fields to be required
application.setHelpText("This field is required, please provide information") //Helptexts

def applicationSelection = application.getValue()

if((applicationSelection == "MYSILS") || (applicationSelection == "PPECB") || (applicationSelection == "MYEXCHANGE"))
customer.setHidden(false) //show the customer field
serviceAffected.setHidden(false) //show the services affected field

customer.setHidden(false) //show the customer field
serviceAffected.setHidden(false) //show the services Affected field
applicationVersion.setHidden(false) //show the Application version field


//hide the fields


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Joshua Yamdogo @ Adaptavist
Rising Star
Rising Star
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May 8, 2018


I think this is because Insight custom fields are not compatible with ScriptRunner behaviours. We have been working on implementing compatibility:

I would suggest following that issue to see when the compatibility is released.



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Johan Eckerstrom - {Eficode} September 27, 2019

Hi, I manage recently to use the insight fields in a behavior scriptrunner configuration.

I use the key of the object in the if statement instead of the string of the selected choice.

If the "required field" is set either to 'DD-166215' or 'DD-166253', then the text field will be set to visible and required.

Here is my example, hope it can guide you too.

it is set as a script on the field1 in behavior, ( not the initializer section)


def requiredField = getFieldByName('field1')
def textField = getFieldByName('field2')
def requiredValue = requiredField.getValue()

if (requiredValue.toString() == 'DD-166215' || requiredValue.toString() == 'DD-166253') {
} else {

Johan Eckerstrom - {Eficode} September 27, 2019

one more thing,

To see the keys of the selected objects in the insight field.

Go to an issue that has these fields available on the screen, change the field on the issue. Go to the activity tab All to see all changes on the issue, there you will see the keys of the object you just changed. 

Michael Brus March 25, 2020


Thanks for the example. I tried it out and i gor one issue. It seems like it doesnt react to the first selection. Let me try to describe it

I have a custom field mapped to and insight object type. No Default value and the above behaviour script on it. When I select the first time theres no reaction. As soon as a I make the second selection The behaviour starts reacting.

Does it make sense?

Any ideas

Regards Michael

I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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July 2, 2022

Hello, I have 3 fields in my form.
I hide the last two.

Configured behaviour for the first field  "Projects".
Script part.

def projectcf = getFieldById("customfield_13107")

def juricf = getFieldById("customfield_13108")

def rolecf = getFieldById("customfield_13109")



def project = projectcf.getValue()

if (project) {



Then I added configuration for "Jurisdictions" field.
Script part.

def juricf = getFieldById("customfield_13108")

def rolecf = getFieldById("customfield_13109")

def jurisdiction = juricf.getValue()

if (jurisdiction) {


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