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What is the 'x-atlassian-mau-ignore' header & why is my JIRA server rejecting it?

I've written a Script Runner REST service, that is called from an AJAX request in a Confluence page.

On a regular basis, mainly when a Confluence page is first visited, an additional header is sent with the JIRA AJAX request called 'x-atlassian-mau-ignore'. My JIRA server promptly rejects is as it's not part of its 'Access-Control-Allow-Headers'. The actual error is this:

Request header field x-atlassian-mau-ignore is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Headers in preflight response.
  1. What is the 'x-atlassian-mau-ignore' request for anyway?
  2. How can I get stop Confluence (v5.10.4) from issuing it or allow the JIRA server to accept it? (Is the only way to add it to the Tomcat web.xml as another allowed header?) 

I'm not a JIRA system admin, so don't have access to the server. sad 

Any help or just info on what the header is for, would be great.



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I was a able to fix that. Undocumented confluence bugs. This is caused by javascript which comes from a disabled analytics plugin. It is tampering with the XMLRequest API. 

Just include the require(..).uninstall() call before your ajax calls:

AJS.toInit(function() {
    fetchIssue(); // ajax calls in this function       

Seriously, atlassian, undocumented stupid javascript logic which comes from disabled analytics - epic fail is what I call this.


Working on a Jira custom field plugin and ran into the same "x-atlassian-mau-ignore" header error after an AJAX call, and Lev's solution worked for me. +1

Still working, thanks @Lev Lehn

In addition to the above, for those confined to non-RequireJS environments (e.g. React apps), you can use:

new Function('require(\'atlassian/analytics/user-activity-xhr-header\').uninstall();').call(this);



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