Why does Atlassian not listen to its community around Burndown charts for Kanban boards

sjanczak July 1, 2018

I am a head of development for the software company. I have been working in software a long time. I started during the infancy of the Agile Alliance, still when Agile concepts were evolving and definitely not yet mainstream.

Agility and the definitions set out by the Agile Alliance are not fixed to the process that tries to follow them. When I joined my current company they were using Scrum unsuccessfully as we manage a living breathing platform which means that developers cannot 100% commit to a sprints worth of work. We never hit our targets so this was very negative for the teams. We then tried Kanban which was far more positive but lacked the controls to really push the team to try to strive to deliver our roadmap at a suitable pace. We have finally found a happy place in a hybrid Scrumban approach where we create a project backlog, estimate and review weekly to ensure we are on track the our scheduled delivery date. I have to manage burndown charts in Excel as Jira does not allow me to have a burndown chart in Jira for a Kanban board. 

The reality of all of this is that we use Jira as a tool to help facilitate our agile principles. Our approach to agile like most companies is tailored to fit our company not the other way around. I need flexible tools that allow me to use anything in the box rather than a limited set if I choose agile A, B or at some point Z when we decide that another approach is better.

I would assume that this is fairly simple as all you really need to do it give a start date, an expected end date and then instead of tracking sprints you simply track weeks or some other configurable period. 

A response from Atlassian would be welcomed. 


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Kelly Albrecht July 1, 2018


Have you instead tried your Scrumban with a Jira Scrum Board, ignoring that it calls the periods between your weekly checkins a Sprint? You’d have a burndown report per week, and could also try a Version report or look to Epic burndowns to track milestones across the weeks. 

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