What is the best way to set up Jira for a team working on multiple builds at the same time?

Katie Dietrich July 12, 2021

I have both an Android and an iOS team who work on multiple builds at the same time.  I inherited a Jira set up where there is one project and the builds are represented by sprints.  Each sprint represents a build and there could be as many as 3 different builds being worked on by either team at any given time.  It's very confusing for the dev team to have to reference multiple sprints even when the build date is included in the sprint name in an effort to make it as clear as possible.  It also makes stand up hard having to cycle through multiple sprints (which are referred to as boards within the company) not to mention it's difficult to understand everyone's workload. 

What is the best way to set Jira up to accommodate one team working on multiple builds at the same time?  I've considered creating a new board pulling in all of the active sprints and am thinking if you can base swimlanes on sprints the devs could be working from one board but still have the individual sprints separated out visually.

As an aside, we aren't using sprints as anything other than a way to filter the issues within a build.  The sprint length is however long we have until a build is due and that date is set by the business.  Is it possible to calculate velocity in this situation?





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