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Requirements Management in Jira

Deleted user July 7, 2017
Hi Community,

I’m looking for guidance, examples of, or Business Cases which show how JIRA can be configured and used for Requirements Management (Software Projects – Non Agile). I’m specifically looking not to use a plugin and to create a new issue type with associated workflow, although I’m happy to be challenged if this is not the best/correct approach to be taking, however this seems a cost effective way of achieving what I think should be relatively simple in JIRA.

We currently use like most organisations a spreadsheet to manage development requirements; JIRA is used to manage the development tasks, so JIRA seems a natural place to put the requirements too, enabling us to create a link to the development tasks and obtain end to end traceability, improved reporting and more controls.

Any feedback welcome

Thank you for your time

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Nicolas Seronvalle July 11, 2017


Using Jira for requirements management certainly makes sense for many teams. I also experienced it many times, as well as the switch between spreadsheet/other tool to Jira :-) How do you currently work with the spreadsheets? All the ideas are gathered out there and evaluated/prioritized in the spreadsheet?

What is your main concern in using Jira for this?

Deleted user July 13, 2017

Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for your reply, I have no concerns using JIRA in this way, I'm just looking for any Business Cases that can justify this approach in terms of cost saving, risk reduction etc. I have the task of justifying the investment required to senior management to implement this change.

Many thanks


Nicolas Seronvalle July 13, 2017

Well, if you use Jira for this you will experience more efficiency in this process, it will certainly saves you a lot of time. The teams and the stakeholders will have a much better visibility than with a spreadsheet. With Jira you can easily discuss the requirements within the tool to get a maximum of feedback, you can quickly find requirments with an access to the full history, you can make and share reports, you can link requirements, group them in just some clicks...

If you need a real-life example you can check the projects of Atlassian :-)

There you see the different issues, how they are ranked, commented, how they evolve,... And you can see how it works when it's open to customers feedback (not mandatory, you can keep the tool visible only for your team).

Deleted user July 13, 2017

Thanks Nicolas,

I'm struggling to find anything in Projects of Atassian sepcifically relating to this approach, have you come across anything previously?



Nicolas Seronvalle July 13, 2017

You're welcome. I suggest you read this post so you can understand how Atlassian works and see if it's a good example for you

Deleted user July 18, 2017

Thanks, I'm not sure this gives me what im looking for, I understand what JIRA can do and how to do it, I'm looking for a justification/business case of real world examples of where this has been done before.

Nicolas Seronvalle August 1, 2017

Alright. You can have a look here . Atlassian lists many customers and offers business cases. You can probably find cases that are similar tou yours. Hope it helps.


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