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Kanban & Sprint Boards - Daily Delta Highlights for stand ups

Hector Catre May 28, 2018

As an agile scrum group we stand up daily to review our kanban board for new issues, and our planned sprint board for planned sprint progress.

In traditional, manual boards, cards or sticky notes an manually moved by each person during the stand up ritual, so as to keep everyone up to speed with changes on a daily basis. 

The Challenge I have with Jira for Stand ups is that it's very difficult to see the changes that have occurred since the last stand up. 

Is there currently any method that I can configure my kanban and sprint boards in a secondary view to highlight only changes made in the last work day? Or, is there a way i can create a second board that can show off these highlights? Ideally I'd love to see a different background colour that we could review on a ticket by ticket basis.

If I were writing acceptance criteria, my ask would be something like:

As a scrum master, I can show a kanban and sprint board that highlights changes the day before so that we can update each other on progress, ask and answer questions about it, and help remove impediments to success. 

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M Nash May 15, 2020

I'm not sure if this answers your question but you can create a filter which shows only those tickets that have been changed in the last 24 hours

Just create a filter with updatedDate >= -1d

You can change this to -2d for 48h and so on

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