Jira Sprints for an Operations team

kaizad.irani January 9, 2020


To begin with; should a fully operations team be doing 'Sprints'? Or this this just for Dev \ Dev-Ops or project team?

When would an ops team do sprints?

whats the benefits?

Should ops team be having stories?

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Carlos Garcia Navarro
Community Leader
Community Leader
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January 9, 2020

Hi Kaizad,

In my experience, although sprints work well for dev teams, or for teams with development tasks, a kanban board fits better the flow of work for Ops teams.  I've tried sprints for Ops /Devops teams sometimes because JIRA offers very interesting sprint reports that summarize what happened during that sprint. In my example I've defined 1 week sprints and named the sprints as the week (W1-TeamA, W2-TeamA, etc.)  But that's a matter of preference. Also in my experience, Ops teams using JIRA use stories, but you can also use tasks or other custom issue types. I wouldn't spend much time (or any time) estimating or assigning points if the tasks are mainly support requests or issues that make your workload unpredictable anyway.


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