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How do you estimate and show work using Kanban?

Bar T October 11, 2017

Our team is too large and handling both new features and production issues, making Scrum not really suitable. We like the Kanban board so far.

1. How do you estimate work to be done over X time periods so you have an idea on a release date target?

2. How do you show work completed (in various phases such as Investigation, Development, In QA) to management if there are no velocity reports?

3. Is there a way to setup sprints in combination with Kanban (is this Scrumban?)

Basically looking for other's expertise on using Kanban and being able to plan work and report efforts done. Thank you!

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Gabriel Viger October 21, 2017

Hi barbara!

I am curious to know why SCRUM cannot fit with your team size?

How is your team structured? Isn't there a dev team and a maintenance team?

As for your questions:

1. This might help you if you have a server instance of Jira :

2. I believe the metric "time in status" could help you figure out some sort of velocity:

Again, server instance only :(

I also read a bit about the control chart and I believe it could be something useful if you get to understand it. 

3. I suggest that you read a bit about those two sub set of AGILE because they are based on different principles.

I hope this help a bit but I am looking forward to seeing more users respond.



Bar T November 4, 2017

Thanks Gabriel. Our team is too large to use scrum, we are also tackling new features with bugs and production customer issues. They don't want to break the team into separate groups for I'm wondering how best to use the Kanban board with Sprints?

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