Different hierarchies for different teams using Portfolio for JIRA

Madhavi Chenna August 28, 2018

Hi Atlassian community,

My organisation has multiple units sharing the same Portfolio for JIRA and have different hierarchies for Portfolio, how to achieve this?





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Alan Thorpe September 3, 2018

Pretty sure you cannot have different heirarchies in the same Jira instance. Multiple Jira instances could solve that problem. Another way is to setup the heirarchies by mapping them to issue types, but then don't put all of the mapped issue types into the project. This doesn't change the hierarchy structure,  but the teams who don't need the extra issue types will be blocked from creating them by Portfolio. Not elegant,  but allows for some differences in hierarchy use. 

Madhavi Chenna September 3, 2018

Thanks heaps Alan. It helps.


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